Английский язык 10 класс

Английский язык 10 класс, олимпиадные задания с ответами

1. Choose the correct form of the verb:
Teresa was writing with the light ---------- .

  • А) burning
  • Б) burnt
  • В) being burnt

2. What tenses are the following sentences?
The people had not been warned by the coastguards.

  • А) Present Perfect
  • Б) Simple Past
  • В) Simple Present
  • Г) Past Perfect

3. Choose:
I don’t think I can put ---------- with three small children in the car.

  • А) down
  • Б) up
  • В) in

4. Choose the correct option:
The first computer ---------- in the 1940's.

  • А) is invented
  • Б) was invented
  • В) will be invented

5. Choose:
She called me several times ---------- my exam.

  • А) during
  • Б) considering
  • В) following

6. Choose:
I couldn’t see the film because the woman ---------- me was wearing a big hat.

  • А) in front of
  • Б) next to
  • В) behind

7. What is the comparative of “likely”?

  • А) likelyer
  • Б) likelier
  • В) more likely

8. Choose the correct form of the word:
I would be even ---------- you went with us.

  • А) happier if
  • Б) as happy as
  • В) more happy than

9. Which is correct?

  • А) a) Pass out (=distribute) these forms!
  • Б) b) Pass these forms out!
  • В) c) Both are correct.

10. Choose the correct form of the verb:
---------- my work on the report, I locked my office and went home.

  • А) Finished
  • Б) Having finished
  • В) Having been finished

11. Which is correct?

  • А) We took after breakfast off.
  • Б) We took off after breakfast.
  • В) Both are correct.

12. Which is correct?

  • А)
    a) Thomas’ grandfather passed away last month.
  • Б)
    b) Thomas’ grandfather passed last month away.
  • В) c) Both are correct.

13. Choose:
Everyone was dancing ---------- Mr. Rogers.

  • А) including
  • Б) concerning
  • В) respecting

14. Choose the correct prefix in each case.
That bill can't be right. I think he ---------- charged me.

  • А) over-
  • Б) re-
  • В) mis-

15. Choose:
Can you turn the music ---------- ? This is my favourite song.

  • А) up
  • Б) down
  • В) off

16. Choose the correct prefix in each case.
My spell checker corrects a mistake whenever I ---------- spell a word.

  • А) un-
  • Б) mis-
  • В) dis-

Английский язык 10 класс. Олимпиада по английскому.