Олимпиадные задания по английскому 6 класс

Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку 6 класс с ответами

1. I know that my sister ________ a problem.

А) have
Б) has
В) had

2. What tense do we use to speak about facts and things which are always true?

А) Present Simple
Б) Present Continuous
В) Present Perfect
Г) Past Perfect

3. Finish the sentence:

We are rich, _______ ?

А) are we
Б) do we
В) aren't we
Г) don't we

4. Choose the correct form of the verb:

He said he ________ in Moscow since 2005.

А) lived
Б) has lived
В) had lived

5. Choose the correct word:

Have they arrived ___?

А) just
Б) already
В) yet

6. Choose the correct answer:

Have you seen the new movie?

А) Not already
Б) Not yet
В) Not just

7. Choose the correct sentence:

He said: "Do you have money?"

А) He said if I had money.
Б) He asked if I had money.
В) He asked if I have money
Г) He said if I have money.

8. Choose the corect option:

Ted used to _________ my best friend, but he lives in Canada now.

А) is
Б) are
В) be
Г) being

9. Sochi was … as a fashionable resort area under Joseph Stalin.

А) build
Б) situated
В) remanded
Г) established

10. Choose the correct word:

Sorry, the money is gone and there's ______ you can do to get it back!

А) no
Б) nothing
В) anything
Г) something

11. What tense do we use to express completed actions which have a result?

А) Past Simple
Б) Past Continuous
В) Present Perfect
Г) Future Perfect

12. Choose the correct word:

I always do my homework but _____ does.

А) usually
Б) never
В) often

13. Choose the correct word:

He has ___ arrived.

А) yet
Б) already
В) since

14. Choose the correct word:

We can't see anything. Put the headlights of the car on. It is _____

А) dark
Б) rainy
В) foggy
Г) cloudy

15. Choose the correct pronoun:

My neighbour's cat can't walk very well. I think it hurt one of ___ legs.

А) it
Б) its
В) it's
Г) itself

16. What tense do we use to xpress planned actions?

А) Future Simple
Б) Future Continuous
В) Present Simple
Г) Present Continuous

Ответы к олимпиаде по английскому языку 6 класс

Номер заданияПравильный ответ
1 Б
2 А
3 В
4 В
5 В
6 Б
7 Б
8 В
9 Г
10 Б
11 В
12 Б
13 А
14 В
15 Б
16 Г

Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку 6 класс