Олимпиада по английскому языку 7 класс

Олимпиада по английскому языку 7 класс с ответами


I. Complete the sentences with look at/ after/ for/ through/ forward. Use appropriate tenses.

My grandmother has fallen ill and I have to (ухаживать за) her.
When I came in my sister was (просматривать) a magazine.
Can I help you? What are you (искать)?
We are (ожидать с нетерпением) to having our trip toAustralia.
(Посмотреть) the sky! It is full of stars.

II.Complete the sentences using the following words for или ago

a) three days
b) 20 years
c) a long time
d) ten minutes
e) an hour

My parents have been married.
Dinner is not ready because mother came home only.
Have you known Lisa?
My shoes are brand new. I bought them.
Jill has visited only a few museums. He arrived inIreland.

III . Change the structure of the following sentences, without making them active

All the papers were brought to the prime-minister to sign.
Exiting news was told to her a few days ago.
A new job was offered to me.
A car has been lent to them for the weekend.
Welsh is not taught to children at schools.

IV. Use a proper word from the brackets and complete these sentences.

Could you pass me …? ( a glass, glass)
Would you like (chicken, a chicken) or beef for dinner?
It’s (a pity, pity) Jack can’t go toCanberrawith us.
(a time, time) goes so quickly!
A picturesque rock was near (wood, a wood).

V. Make a definition of your own for each of the following shops.

1. Greengrocer’s is a shop that …
2. Fishmonger’s is a shop where …
3. Butcher’s
4. Newsagent’s
5. Chemist’s

VI. Match the expressions with their meanings.

To be the apple of someone’s eye.
To go bananas
As cool as a cucumber
A couch potato
A bowl of cherries

a) To become wild or angry; to go crazy
b) Someone who spends lot of time watching TV
c) Something very, very pleasant
d) Very calm, not nervous
e) o be one’s favourite (person or thing)


This story is about a man who lives in Northern Ireland. His name is Roley Mclntyre. Roley Mclntyre was big — he was very big. He weighed 272 kilograms.

For lunch Roley ate ten pieces of bacon, four eggs, ten potatoes, and fried vegetables. For dinner he ate meat and more potatoes, and after din­ner he always ate desserts. Before he went to bed, he had a few sandwiches and some cake.

Roley couldn’t drive a regular car because he was too big. He couldn’t fit in the front seat. Roley had a special car, which had no front seat. Roley drove his car from the back seat.

One day Roley went to the doctor. The doctor said, «Mr. Mclntyre, you have a special car. Now you need to buy a special coffin — a coffin for a very big man. You have to lose weight, or you’re going to die soon.»

Roley went on a diet. He started eating healthy food. For breakfast he ate cereal with nonfat milk. For lunch he ate baked beans on toast. For din­ner he ate fish and vegetables. He stopped eating fried food and sweets. He also started taking regular exercises. He went jogging every morning and rode a bicycle.

After Roley began to lose weight he met a pretty woman. Her name was Josephine. Josephine told Roley not to stop his diet. Roley listened to her and continued to lose weight. In 18 months he lost182 kilograms.

Two years after Roley had started his diet, he and Josephine got mar­ried. They are very happy together and lead a very active life: play volley­ball, swim and travel.

Task 1 Complete the table with the words below.

bacon, cereal with nonfat milk, vegetables, eggs, fish, potatoes, baked beans on toast, fried food, meat, desserts, sandwiches, cake, sweets.

a) What did Roley eat when he was big? b) What did Roley eat when he was on a diet?

Task 2.Complete the summary below.

Roley Mclntyre was very big. He (1)…272 kilograms. Roley couldn’t drive a usual car because he couldn’t fit into the front (2)… . He could drive his car from the (3)… seat.
Roley’s doctor said that he had to (4)… weight, or he was going to (5)… . Roley went on a (6)… . He also started doing (7)… . Then he met a pretty (8)… . She told Roley not to (9)… his diet.
Two years later Roley and Josephine (10)… .

Task 3. Complete the sentences with the information you’ve learnt.

1. Roley Mclntyre lived in

2. He was big because

3. Roley couldn’t drive usual car because

4. Roley needed to buy a special coffin because

5. To lose his weight Roley needed to

6. 18 months after he had started his diet Roley’s weight was

Task 4. Answer the following questions.

1. Where does Roley McIntyre live?

2. How much did he weigh?

3. What did he eat before going to bed?

4. How did he drive the car?

5. Who said to him he had to lose weight?

6. Did he start to keep to a diet?

7. Did he take regular exercises?

8. Whom did he meet?

9. How long did it take him to lose182 kilograms?

10. When did he get married?

11. What kind of life does he live after he got married?

Test keys

I. 1. To look after 2. Looking through 3. Looking for 4.looking forward 5. Look at
II. a) 5 b)1 c) 3 d) 2 e) 4
III. 1. The prime-minister was brought all the papers to sign. 2. She was told exciting news a few days ago. 3. I was offered a new job. 4. They have been lent a car for the weekend. 5. Children are not told Welsh at schools.
IV. 1. A glass 2. Chicken 3. A pity 4. Time 5. A wood
A Greengrocer’s is a shop that sells fruit and vegetables.
A Fishmonger’s is a shop where you can buy fish and sea products.
A Butcher’s is a shop that sells meat./Butcher’s is a shop where you can buy meat.
A Newsagent’s is a shop that sells newspapers and magazines./A Newsagent’s is a shop where you can buy newspapers and magazines.
A Chemist’s is a shop that sells medicines./A Chemist’s is a shop where you can buy medicines.

VI. 1 e. 2a. 3d. 4b. 5c.

Reading keys

a) bacon, eggs, potatoes, fried food, meat, desserts, sandwiches, cake, sweets
b) cereal with nonfat milk, vegetables, fish, baked beans on toast,

1. weighed 2. seat 3. back 4. lose 5. die 6. diet 7. exercises 8. woman 9. stop 10. got mar­ried

1.Northern Ireland 2.he ate a lot 3. he was too big 4. He could die soon 5.go on a diet 6. 90

1. Roley Mclntyre lives inNorthern Ireland.
2. He weighed272 kilograms.
3. Before going to bed, he ate a few sandwiches and some cake.
4. Roley drove his car from the back seat.
5. The doctor said to him he had to lose weight
6. Yes, he started to keep to a diet
7. Yes, he took regular exercises
8. He met a pretty woman
9. It took him 18 months to lose182 kilograms
10. Roley got married two years after he had started his diet .
11. He lives a very active life

Олимпиада по английскому языку 7 класс